Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Senate did the right thing

Early Saturday morning Sen. Kit Bond (R-Mo.) said,
“In a time of a heightened threat, the Senate did the right thing and acted to give our law enforcement the tools they need to combat terrorism. It is now up to the House to act. It is critical to our national security – to keep our country safe – that we update this 30-year old law before we leave for August recess.”

I posted this earlier where I expressed my doubts about Congress getting this done. I really am glad that I was wrong. In an article from CQ Today,
A House Democratic aide said the House was expected to clear the Senate Republican legislation, with most Republicans and some Democrats expected to vote for it.

The bill is intended to eliminate hitches in the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, or FISA (PL 95-51) that have contributed to the gap and address limitations on surveillance created by a recent court ruling.

I hope the House Democratic aide is correct. The bill passed with bi-partisan support in the US Senate. Diane Feinstein joined 15 Democrats in voting YES with all of the Republicans voting YES. The Senate Roll Call is here.

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