Saturday, August 11, 2007

House GOP-Porkbusters&Porkers

The Club for Growth has released a "2007 Repork Card"

The Club for Growth has compiled a RePORK Card of all members' votes on all 50 anti-pork amendments (see below). "Taxpayers have a right to know which congressmen stand up for them and which stand up for the special interests," said Club for Growth President Pat Toomey. "Unfortunately, the Club for Growth RePORK Card shows that most congressmen care more about lining their buddies' pockets than they care about protecting American taxpayers."

It is a good read at their website. I decided to make a picture based on their report that shows the 7 states with Reps who scored 100%, and the 14 states with Reps who scored 0%. Three states, Arizona, California, and New Jersey, have a mix of both 100% and 0% Reps. So look with pride or look with shame. It all depends where you live, and whether you see CongressCritters™ 'bringing home the bacon' or 'lining their buddies' pockets'.

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