Sunday, July 02, 2006

Bodyguard of Lies


The recent front page stories of the NY Times, LA Times, Wall St Journal remind me of this book that I read a while back. The author published this book in 1975, 30 years after WWII. It is a very fine book, and I hightly recommend it. However, it would have been terrible if it had been written in 1944. That is my outrage with today's crop of news journalists. Today the newspapers in the USA do not have an ounce of respect for the US government. They are more interested in high-5 ing each other about their Pulitzer prizes than they are in showing any respect for the country that they live in that affords them the opportunities and benefits that they so richly do NOT deserve. If somebody writes an article or a book 30 years after the war with the jihadists is over that describes the deceptions etc, then I do not have any problem with that writer whatsoever. However if that writer is putting his article in a newspaper while we are still fighting then I have a lot of problems with that. I do not have a solution in mind that I think is really going to change anything. I do not expect these newspapers to shame themselves into showing any respect. I do not expect to see the US government come down on these newspapers like a ton of bricks. I do have a faint glimmer of hope that the patriots in the USA who still have respect for this country will simply stop advertising in these papers and buying these papers. If the financial markets come down on these newspapers like a ton of bricks, then that will be more effective than any nonbinding resolution from the Congress or statement from the White House.