Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Obama ditches troops for fun pic

This is our moment. Drinks on the House.

Jekyll&Hyde Obama a gothic musical thriller

Jekyll&Hyde Obama warbles to his fawning audience in Berlin in English
People of Berlin, people of the world, this is our moment. This is our time.

In the German publication Die Welt, Representative Thaddeus McCotter (R-Mich.) wrote an Op-ed article in German:
No one knows which Obama will show. Will it be the ideological, left-wing Democratic primary candidate who vowed to 'end' the war rather than win it, or the Democratic nominee who dismisses the progressing coalition victory as a 'distraction'? Will it be the American populist who has told supporters in the United States that he will demand more from our allies in Europe and get it, or the liberal internationalist hell-bent on being liked in Europe's salons?

It is the not knowing Barack Obama that is the reason #1 why he should not be the next President. Every President elected has been vetted and known more than Sen. Obama. We the People did get fooled with a certain Georgia peanut farmer that we once elected, but even he had more of a resume as a Governor who had served his country in the US Navy. Barack Obama does not have any of this on his resume. What we do know about him from just since he started running for President is that he can say completely contrary statement to different audiences, and not even acknowledge what he really said.

His campaign is more like a gothic musical for his swooning moonbat fans than a serious attempt to run for POTUS.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Glenn Beck Echoes Our Own Gamecock

On July 18th our own gamecock provided us with an excellent 'The Let Them Eat Cake Democrats' blog. And Wednesday night on the Glenn Beck Show Glenn echoes the same phrase, the "Let them eat cake Democrats'. Something specifically unknown to gamecock but instinctively known to gamecock is the news that the DNCC elites visiting Denver, Colorado have been privileged to purchase gas at the pump for their vehicles at a lower cost than the rest of us mere peasants. Their vehicles have been getting gasoline without paying even a penny of state and federal taxes.

Glenn got news about this from a small article in the Rocky Mountain News. According to the article the first response to this news by the Denver Mayor, John Hickenlooper (D) is that the Republicans are doing the same thing in Minneapolis.
That isn't true, We pay for fuel like everyone else does,"
said Teresa McFarland, spokeswoman for the local host committee for the Republican National Convention. Well, that lame excuse didn't work so well so Chris Lopez, spokesman for the host committee, said
The host committee, which is responsible for raising money to put on the convention, is using the city's pumps "for safety and security reasons. We know the gas is not tainted. We use it as a safety and security measure.

Apparently that excuse was not working so well either so finally the Rocky Mountain News received this news: An aide to Mayor John Hickenlooper released a statement Tuesday evening saying that Denver 2008 Host Committee members would pay market prices for fuel and would also be liable for all applicable taxes.

Later in the day, the camp of GOP presidential hopeful John McCain issued a statement saying that
Sen. Barack Obama, the presumptive Democratic nominee, was "for a gas-tax holiday — as long as it benefits him and his political party."
Good for You, McCain campaign for keeping your ear to the ground and ready with a prepared statement the moment you got the opportune news.

Glenn Beck did spend a lot of time raking the Ds over the coals over their 'Let them eat cake' attitude, and he had Gov. Bobby Jindal and Ben Stein as guests contributors in this condemnation of the Ds. I would encourage you to read the entir transcript here. In case you are not able to read the transcript I will provide a small part where Glenn echoes gamecock.

BECK: Let me -- let me show you something, Governor. These are the pitchforks. I said jokingly last week, send me a pitchfork. I`m getting - - now I`m getting pitchforks. This is what came in today. I`m getting pitchforks now with names on them. People saying I have had enough of this.

We are turning into 18th century France, where the politicians in Washington are just saying, "Let them eat cake."

JINDAL: Well, and you know, the Founding Fathers had it right. They intended to be part-time officials who`d go back, limited to the rules they passed for everybody else. The danger is we don`t have our elected officials living under the same rules, the same inconveniences, the same regulations, same taxes as everybody else, they won`t feel that burden.

You remember, there was an incident a few years ago. Congresswoman from Georgia got irate when Capitol police wouldn`t let her skip to the front of the security line.

BECK: All right. Now let`s turn to the co-author of "How to Ruin the United States of America." It`s Mr. Ben Stein.

Ben, this is anti-business. I mean, they`re not even paying for tax on car washes.

BEN STEIN, CO-AUTHOR, "HOW TO RUIN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA": It`s not just anti-business. It`s anti-law and order. It`s anti- the idea that there are rules, and people have to play by the rules. And the DNC cannot just say, "OK, wait a minute. Now it`s magic time in Denver and the rules are suspended."

BECK: I want a torch.

STEIN: I was -- I`m glad you brought up this Denver thing. I don`t like the idea of Senator Obama giving his acceptance speech in front of 77,000 wildly cheering people. That is not the way we do things in political parties in the United States of America. We have a contained number of people in an arena. Seventy-five-thousand people at an outdoor sports palace, well, that`s something the Fuhrer would have done. I think whoever is advising Senator Obama to do this is bringing up all kinds of very unfortunate images from the past.

BECK: Ben, real quick, this is how out of touch they are. Not only are they doing this, and it`s like screw the little people, but they also have the DNC meal time guidelines for this event.

STEIN: Oh, no. Please don`t say that.

BECK: Here`s one of them. This is the actual quote from the "Rocky Mountain News": "At least one of the three following five colors must be on every plate: red, green, yellow, blue, purple, and white. Garnishes don`t count," because they think that vibrant colors mean healthier food. I`m not making it up.

STEIN: This is what really scares me about the environmental and the energy conservation movement. It`s about controlling people.

BECK: Yes.

STEIN: It`s not really about saving energy. They couldn`t care less about that. They really want to control other people`s lives. And that is very scary. The Constitution is ever in danger.

I'm not sure that gamecock agrees with Ben on the danger because he is an optimist who believes the Ds will not capture the White House in 2008. However I think gamecock agrees instinctively with Ben that the Ds really want to control people's lives. There is a way to assure the Ds do not capture the White House. It's really quite simple. Do not sit this election out. Register and vote against Obama. Please cast your vote for John McCain.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What's the Mood in the Hood?

In an interview with Charlie Rose, John Hofmeister, President & CEO of Shell Oil recalls a conversatiion he recently had with the Mayor of Los Angeles. The title of this diary is the question that he asked. He is now retired from Shell, and he appeared on the Glenn Beck Show. The following exchange took place:
BECK: And you said, "Glenn, I listen to you, and thing I like you, is you call them like it is and you are frank." You said you were going to model yourself after that when you became -- when you were no longer the president of Shell, well, you`re not. What is it that you -- go ahead.

HOFMEISTER: I said I was going to sharpen my tongue -- so that I could speak at least come close to speaking as sharply as you.

I just said it in part -- it`s time for the bosses of this country to turn the table on the elected representatives and start instructing our elected representatives on what the people of this country -- the consumers of this country demand, and that is more energy of all kinds, including more oil and gas.

Hofmeister has just started a new not-for-profit company, Citizens for Affordable Energy.

I didn't write this diary just to promote John Hofmeister. I really think the Republican Party needs to promote the idea of finding more energy from a point of view of not only finding new energy but also increasing the number of high paying union jobs that will be a part of the new drilling and oil exploration activity. I want to take a broader look at 'what's the mood in the hood?'

Sen. Obama was at the height of his popularity when things were not going so well for our troops in Iraq. Well, no thanks to Sen. Obama and his ilk, things are now going quite well for our troops in Iraq. Plans are already in place to draw down the number of servicemen currently deployed in Iraq. They can leave Iraq successfully completing their mission to stand the Iraqi troops up so that they can stand down.

When a mission in Iraq is no longer the primary issue on voters' minds, then he needs to appeal to them on more than his stance on going to war in Iraq.

His answer to people concerning the high cost of gas at the pump is to tell them they need to change how they live. They need to visit that pump less often by getting themselves a mini-compact hybrid car.

His answer to people concerning the crumbling neighborhoods and family values is for men to follow planned parenthood's teachings of safe sex and abortion if the safe sex doesn't work.

Jesse might have been crude, but he has a point that Barry is 'talking down at black people.' I'm no cockstradamus, but I think the Republican Party has a very good chance to win in November. We need to look at winning over a voter as an individual at a time, and we need to stop thinking of people as part of a monolith political bloc. Appeal to an individual whether he lives in Watts district of LA or on a farm in rural Kansas.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Barack Marches Forward in Margaret Sanger's Footsteps

Clarence Gamble, heir of Proctor and Gamble, wrote a memorandum in November, 1939 entitled: "Suggestions for the Negro Project." In the letter he suggested black leaders "be placed in positions where it would appear they were in charge."

This is a letter to Clarence Gamble, from Margaret Sanger, in which she wrote,

We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities. The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We don't want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members

For those of you that don't know, Barack Obama became a "minister" of Planned Parenthood a long time ago. He's so good at carrying out their racist, murderous, agenda against Afro-Americans and society at large, they gave him a 100% score on his voting record. Planned Parenthood is following the strategy of their racist founder, Margaret Sanger, to the letter. Planed Parenthood is saying, "We have our poster boy! Get him out in front as a lure for their women and men. Get them into our abortion clinics and dismember their children by the millions!" You say absurd? No Way! Planned Parenthood's Valentine cards were sent out to hundreds of thousands of young people in the nation. Whose face is plainly seen waving to them with a big smile? Whose endorsement is given to this racist and calloused organization? Who is used to lure children to give credibility to its hideous plot? Barack Obama, that's who!

Case in point: Barack Obama. It was about a year ago when Don Imus made his ill-conceived, idiotic, and satiric remarks about the Rutgers Women’s Basketball Team. Barack Obama commented saying, “Anyone who made comments like that wouldn’t be working for me. I don’t think MSNBC should be carrying the kinds of hateful remarks that Imus uttered the other day.” These comments by Senator Obama seemed appropriate at the time. But juxtaposed against his remarks about an actual exchanged between a Planned Parenthood official, and a person posing as a racist donor requesting their donation be used to abort specifically African-American babies, is astonishing! What did he say? Nothing! This hypocrisy and betrayal of the Black community was played out repeatedly by such leaders as Al sharpton, Jessie Jackson, the NAACP, and many others.

Here is what they failed to respond to: Autumn Kersey, Vice President of Development at Planned Parenthood of Idaho, is asked whether a donation can be specified to help a minority group, like “for a black baby.” Here is how the dialogue went:

Idaho Donor: The abortion – I can give money specifically for a black baby, that would be the purpose?

PP Rep: Absolutely. If you wanted to designate that your gift be used to help an African-American woman in need, then we would certainly make sure that the gift was earmarked for that purpose.

Idaho Donor: Great, because I really faced trouble with affirmative action, and I don’t want my kids to be disadvantaged against black kids. I just had a baby; I want to put it in his name.

PP Rep: Yes, absolutely.

Idaho Donor: And we don’t, you know we just think, the less black kids out there the better.

PP Rep: Understandable, understandable.

Idaho Donor: Right. I want to protect my son, so he can get into college.

On Monday, July 8, 2008 Barack received an official endorsement from Planned Parenthood.
The Planned Parenthood Action Fund is proud to endorse Barack Obama for president of the United States.
president Cecile Richards said in a press release.

Richards called him a "passionate advocate" with a "a long and consistent record of standing up for" unlimited abortions.

Barack accepts the endorsement and has this to say.

The first thing I'd do as president is sign the Freedom of Choice Act.

The Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) is legislation Obama has co-sponsored along with 18 other senators that would annihilate every single state law limiting or regulating abortion, including the federal ban on partial birth abortion.

Dr. Martin Luther king Jr. wrote a letter to his fellow clergymen from a jail cell in Birmingham, AL in which he included the following:
There was a time when the church was very powerful. It was during that period when the early Christians rejoiced when they were deemed worthy to suffer for what they believed. In those days the church was not merely a thermometer that recorded the ideas and principles of popular opinion; it was a thermostat that transformed the mores of society. Whenever the early Christians entered a town the power structure got disturbed and immediately sought to convict them for being "disturbers of the peace" and "outside agitators." But they went on with the conviction that they were "a colony of heaven," and had to obey God rather than man. They were small in number but big in commitment. They were too God-intoxicated to be "astronomically intimidated." They brought an end to such ancient evils as infanticide and gladiatorial contest.

Another quote from MLK that would be so appropriate here:
The Negro cannot win if he chooses to sacrifice the future of his children for immediate comfort and safety.

The Rev Dr. Clenard H. Childress, Jr. writes the following:
Yes, I believe it would be wonderful to have a Black man as president, but it's more important for there to be, God's man as president, and that his character would reflect my values; values reflected in the 10 Commandments and our Declaration of Independence. While most African-Americans are applauding him for the color of his skin, they have failed to look at closely the content of his character.

Rev. Dr. Clenard H. Childress, Jr., is the senior pastor of The New Calvary Baptist Church in Montclair, NJ.

I believe I am beginning to see some African-Americans that are beginning to have doubts about the content of Barack's character. When all they knew is that Barack opposed the Iraq War that's one thing, and now that they are discovering this guy is Margaret Sanger's "minister of planned parenthood" that's something that many dislike and disapprove.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

My VP Prediction = McCain picks Giuliani

Here is how I got there. Recently there is a shakeup in the McCain camp, and Steve Schmidt is selected to take over the day-to-day campaign operations. His first hire in his new capacity is Rudy's campaign manager, Mike DuHaime. ABC covered the news here. Also I watched both Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani on Hannity and Colmes. The cool one who did not have to think too hard before he spoke was definitely Rudy.

I know some folks are going to hate the idea because Rudy is pro-choice. There are also some folks who are going to love the idea because Rudy is a fighter and a fiscal conservative guy. Tonight Alan Colmes tried to put Rudy on the spot about BIG OIL companies selling oil to the highest bidder instead of giving it away to US citizens. Rudy didn't even flinch in his support of free market capitalism.

I am not in the least worried about a pro-choice Rudy being the VP pick of a pro-life McCain. I really think Rudy will add some needed excitement to the GOP ticket.

I don't pretend to be cockstradamus, but Rudy is the guy I can picture kissing babies on the campaign trail.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

These Sourpusses Are Making Me Sick

Sen. Harry Reid

Chris SatulloPhiladelphia Inquirer columnist

I grew up a child of the '50's, and everyone loved this country, 'Sweet Land of Liberty', 'Land of the Free', and 'Home of the Brave'. There were always differences between people who wanted a small Federal government and those who wanted more of the big government of FDR, but everybody loved the USA. When the going gets tough the tough get going. That was then, and now people like Sen Reid and columnist Satullo hate America because it has become so strong and so successful. They believe the US is destroying planet earth and deserving of being hated by the poor in other places because we are just so mean.

Sourpusses like this don't want us to get going, and find ways to improve our economy. Oh no, in their view We the People of the USA have committed great sins, and we must be punished for these sins. They do not want the USA to be the most powerful nation, and they think they can convince us how bad we have become, and how necessary it is for us to suffer to atone for all of these sins they believe we have committed.

I calls this garbage they are writing and speaking bullcrap. This far left stuff now owns the Democratic Party. I just hope and pray that a majority of voters are as fed up as I am, and vote some CongressCritters™ into office with the spines to stand up to these enviro-whacko special interest groups.