Tuesday, July 01, 2008

These Sourpusses Are Making Me Sick

Sen. Harry Reid

Chris SatulloPhiladelphia Inquirer columnist

I grew up a child of the '50's, and everyone loved this country, 'Sweet Land of Liberty', 'Land of the Free', and 'Home of the Brave'. There were always differences between people who wanted a small Federal government and those who wanted more of the big government of FDR, but everybody loved the USA. When the going gets tough the tough get going. That was then, and now people like Sen Reid and columnist Satullo hate America because it has become so strong and so successful. They believe the US is destroying planet earth and deserving of being hated by the poor in other places because we are just so mean.

Sourpusses like this don't want us to get going, and find ways to improve our economy. Oh no, in their view We the People of the USA have committed great sins, and we must be punished for these sins. They do not want the USA to be the most powerful nation, and they think they can convince us how bad we have become, and how necessary it is for us to suffer to atone for all of these sins they believe we have committed.

I calls this garbage they are writing and speaking bullcrap. This far left stuff now owns the Democratic Party. I just hope and pray that a majority of voters are as fed up as I am, and vote some CongressCritters™ into office with the spines to stand up to these enviro-whacko special interest groups.

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