Saturday, August 18, 2007

Changing of the Guard...7 Open Seats

Right now there are 7 open seats up for grabs in House 2008 elections. Maybe there will be more open seats between now and then. I do not think this is such a bad thing. If the House had term limits similar to POTUS, only make it 12 instead of 8, I would be happy. I hope the GOP will hold the seats in CA, IL, MS, and OH. I really hope the GOP can pick up seats in CO and ME.

From the left side of the blogosphere I read the top 20 list targeted Dem seats:
Nick Lampson, Texas
Tim Mahoney, Florida
Jerry McNerney, California
Zack Space, Ohio
Baron Hill, Indiana
Chris Carney, Pennsylvania
Patrick Murphy, Pennsylvania
Nancy Boyda, Kansas
Joe Sestak, Pennsylvania
Brad Ellsworth, Indiana
Heath Shuler, North Carolina
Ciro Rodriguez, Texas
Steve Kagen, Wisconsin
Jim Marshall, Georgia
Joe Donnelly, Indiana
John Barrow, Georgia
Jason Altmire, Pennsylvania
John Hall, New York
Kirsten Gillibrand, New York
Stephanie Herseth, South Dakota

Three of these 20 are in my home state, IN. I think it will be more difficult to unseat Hill and Donnelly than Ellsworth. If some good fiscal conservative Club for Growth type candidates can be recruited they can win those seats back. I don't know enough about the other 17 on the list except they are mostly newly elected in 2006.
The Club for Growth is supporting an opponent, Andrew Harris, to Wayne Gilchrist in MD. Hopefully they can repeat their success of last year when they helped elect Tim Wahlberg.

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