Wednesday, August 15, 2007

GOP Rockers... a future POTUS?

OK, the late Lee Atwater, political adviser to George H. W. Bush, and Karl Rove, political advisor to George W. Bush are not going to be POTUS. But why should political advisers have all the fun? Mike Huckabee is a rocker, and he is running for POTUS. He has his own rock n roll band, Capitol Offense.

Maybe there is a new bloc of voters for GOP candidates to court. Then if this is a consideration, let's get a famous rocker. Let's go with Ted Nugent! Think about how Ted would have a lock on the voters who are hunters, outdoorsmen, and 2nd amendment proponents. The men and women serving in the armed services and their families would strongly support Ted. Talk about "new tone". Can you imagine Ted Nugent making nice with all of his political enemies? I don't think so. Somebody, please, explain to me how Mike Huckabee has any more of a shot at being POTUS than rocker Ted Nugent.

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