Friday, August 24, 2007

Faces of the Enemy...We Must Never Forget

We are coming up quickly on the 6th anniversary of the most horrific attack 4 pilots ever made against the USA. It is sad, and it is mind-boggling how so many Americans have forgotten how they felt on September 11, 2001. Today so many opinions seem to assert that America is to blame. They think what happened is just a reaction to how wrong America has been in what America is doing in the world. These opinions could not be more wrong-headed and more misguided. Our enemy is not just reacting to what a country or a political party is doing. They are acting on their own agenda. They want to destroy the West, and conquer the world. They want to establish a global caliphate. We cannot simply ignore them. We cannot let them win power in a country, any country. The investment that the Democratic Party has made in defeat for the US in Iraq is just so wrong. First they have tried to make the case that the US military surge is not working. Facts have not been on their side. Now they are trying to make the case that the government of Iraq is no good, and must be replaced. I don't know what will happen with the government of Iraq, but I know the politicians in Washington D.C. have no business replacing this government. It is up to the people of Iraq. It bothers me when Sen. Levin stirs this pot, because if America will not be their friend an ally, then Iraq might turn to Iran and Syria to be their friend. I think this would be a poor choice for them, but I resent Sen. Levin threatening to withdraw all US support from them.
We need to remember who the enemy is. We must never forget.

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