Thursday, January 31, 2008

Which One Resembles Gollum Most?

Fans of LOTR know all too well the character Gollum and his obsession with the ring. In American politics the "ring" is winning the Presidency. Of all the candidates running for this office in '08, Hillary and John seem to me as the two who have obsessed and worked longer and harder at becoming President than anyone else.

George Will recently wrote a piece where he observed

If, this autumn, voters must choose between Clinton and McCain, they will face, at least stylistically, an echo, not a choice.

Note the word stylistically, because there are differences between them on the issues.

I personally hope that this autumn voters must not choose between two sitting US Senators. We the people usually choose a President as someone who has not been residing in Washington DC for the last 16 years.

The ones who are most pleased with this choice between John and Hillary currently reside in Washington, and Dana Milbank has written a book and this WaPo article referring to them as "Potomac man." an excerpt
In the tongue of the Piscataway Indians who first occupied these shores, the very word "Potomac" means "where the goods are brought in." To this day, the savages who live here are a breed unto themselves -- Homo politicus, or Potomac Man -- and they continue to bring in the goods in strange and sometimes scary ways.

There still is an outside chance that things will work out differently. I certainly hope so. If this is the choice I am left with I will in the parlance of Dana Millbank vote for the "heretic John" instead of the "blood avenger Hillary."

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