Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The Tune I'm Singin' If One I Despise Wins

The countdown is on for GOP caucus votes in Iowa less than 24 hours from now. I have been reading a lot of blogs here at RedState with heartfelt pleas for their guy to win. I have read blogs here where threats are made to go into seclusion, and never ever involve oneself in politics again if their guy doesn't win. I have read other blogs where the case is made for the opponent of their guy to be the vilest human on the face of the earth. If the other guy wins they try to convince you that we are DOOOOOOOOOMED.

As Colonel Potter would say.... Horse Pucky!

Politicians can and will disappoint, and there is no reason for anybody to get so worked up over things. There are many elections for many offices in 2008 besides President of the United States. If I despise the GOP nominee for POTUS it does not compute that I am going to forget about all of the Congress Critters™ and state and local elections, and just crawl under a rock somewhere. There are consequences for who wins those elections too.

Keep in mind that unlike some posters here at RedState I do consume alcohol when you listen to my tune. Also keep in mine that Ronaldinho is the world's best soccer player who can love playing a game that others have to work too hard to enjoy when you watch the video to my tune.

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