Thursday, January 24, 2008

I Hope The Next POTUS Gets It Like W Does

Today at the White House President Bush met with Elsa Morejon, Wife of Presidential Medal of Freedom Recipient Oscar Biscet in the oval office. Oscar is a prisoner in a Cuban jail.

The link to the video is HERE.

You can read the entire release HERE.

Part of what Pres. Bush said
We have a comfortable life here in America by and large, and it's hard for us to imagine what it would be like for -- to live in a society as repressive as the society of Fidel and Raul Castro. This good woman has had to suffer through days and weeks of deprivation and worry because the love of her life is in a Cuban prison -- simply because of his beliefs. It's my honor to welcome you here.

My call is for the world to help women such as Elsa. My call is for those who believe that the Cuba of today is a hopeful place, to recognize the realities. This is a country that has got political prisoners who are languishing in the jails, who are mistreated in the jails. Our message is, is that political prisoners ought to be free, and so should the Cuban people: free to express themselves and free to realize their God-given talents. So I want to welcome you.

I put in boldface to point out how we the people of the United States of America can not appreciate our own circumstances and situations compared places in the world sometimes. Cuba is in the same horrible spot for freedom. According to this Heritage Foundation report only North Korea is worse off than Cuba.

Pres. Bush has provided more money for democracy funding, radio marti, tv marti, etc... In fact $45 million just for 2008, than any previous administration.

Too often people want to slam Pres. Bush for not fighting the press and the US politicians as savagely as he should. And I can't disagree with many of the comments I have read about Pres. Bush in this regard. But I will say this as a credit to our President. He knows the world and the places in the world where people are truly suffering. I hope the next POTUS 'gets' this like 'W' does.

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