Sunday, July 01, 2007

Gore vs Mother Nature... Mother Nature Wins

It's Sunday morning, and I click on the TV for Washington Journal on C-SPAN. I'm thinking that the terrorist attacks in the UK will be the morning topic. But noooooooo, instead they want callers to talk about man made global warming. I suppose in one respect it makes sense. After all it is Sunday morning, a time for church services, so the church of MMGW convened.

I do not argue with Al Gore or anybody else that says there have been natural disasters in terms of hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, floods, etc., and human activity and nature are intertwined to a certain extent. What I do argue with is the arrogant God-like assertions that Gore and others appear to make that we humans can accurately predict, forecast, and take corrective actions before a natural disaster occurs. In other words if we Americans will just shut down our economic engine then we won't have any future natural disaster facing us.

Sorry, Al, but it does not work that way today, yesterday, or tomorrow. We mere mortal western capitalists can not take control over nature. Nature will do its thing, and those who survive will take whatever action is required after the natural event has occurred. There are still secrets in this universe that are not yet revealed to us including a totally reliable model for predicting precisely what Mother Nature will do next. You want to pick a fight against an enemy you can beat. Try getting behind an effort to defeat radical islamists. just a thought.

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