Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Glenn Beck has jumped the shark or...

On the Glenn Beck show today he interviewed Congressman Dana Rohrabacher. The main topic of this interview is the prosecution of Ramos and Compean. There was a blog here recently about this prosecution, and the conclusion had been drawn that prosecutor Johhny Sutton had really schooled Laura Ingraham on the merits of the case.

Not .So.Fast.
According to Congressman Rohrabacher, the administration is stonewalling a Congressional investigation and is involved in a coverup over some things that occurred during this entire period of time. I recommend you read the entire transcript of this interview. Here is just a little sampling:
GLENN: How far does this -- I mean, what bothers me is I talked to Sutton and I said, you answer to Gonzales. Gonzales answers to Bush. It's the three of you. How far up the chain does this go?

SENATOR ROHRABACHER: Well, I'm sure this goes all the way up to the White House. There's no doubt about that. We have to remember this going the other direction, too. The other direction is the jurors, which are just us, you know, we the people make up juries. The jurors in this case, they kept the information about the second drug deal from the jury and they painted the drug dealer as a one-time guy who is trying to sell drugs to raise money for his sick mother and they've been -- Sutton who in testimony says, oh, the judge was the one who determined that that information wouldn't get to the jury. No, no, it was a prosecution motion for the judge not to let the jury hear that and so what we've got is a false picture, a lie being painted to the jury and now during this investigation they've tried to use those same tactics to prevent congress, my investigation, from getting the information that would get to the truth. They were denying us these documents saying, oh, we can't give you -- these are official documents by the department of homeland security. We can't get those. And the Department of Justice and Homeland Security denying this unless Ramos -- excuse me, unless Davila, the drug dealer, signs a waiver, a privacy act waiver. So we're not even supposed to be able to look at official government documents in overseeing the activity of these jokers.
SENATOR ROHRABACHER: And so I was cautious to begin with in this investigation, but clearly Ramos and Compean, they both have an unblemished record and those are both veterans. These are guys who served our country -- excuse me -- in the military. In fact, Ramos, I believe, is an officer in the Naval Reserve.

GLENN: I believe one of them was the border guard of the year, the year before.

SENATOR ROHRABACHER: He was nominated to be the border guard. The fact that he was nominated shows you they both basically -- and, of course, Johnny Sutton has seen fit to try to smear these guys. One of them had a family altercation two years ago. Sutton had to make that totally public as if the public won't understand that sometimes you have family altercations, they get out of hand. But it doesn't -- it wasn't part of his job. Had nothing to do with part of his job but instead they've been vilifying these men, trying to go out and shoot Mexicans, making sure if there was any blemish that everybody knew about it. That's the type of underhanded thing, and I would say Mr. Sutton and these guys are now in a desperate situation because we now have got -- they are trying to keep from the congress the information that we now have that they gave a free pass to this drug dealer even after he had been fingered for a second drug deal and then, of course, they lied about it to the jury.

I am a supporter of President Bush, and that is why I titled this piece "Glenn Beck has jumped the shark or..." If this is a coverup by the administration for the DHS, then IMO there is a bigger worry here with this than there is with Iraq. It seems that one constant with scandals is that the coverup is always the driving force behind the scandal. I have not come to any final conclusions about this case, but I wanted to post this, and hopefully get some thoughtful responses.

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