Sunday, July 10, 2005

Let Me Introduce Myself

Let me introduce myself

Hello. My name is Richard, and I am
a) living age 53 years

b) large at 6'1" and 400 lb.

c) I'm in the Circle City, Indianapolis, Indiana motor racing car capital of the world.

There are a lot of blessings that I count for myself daily, and I am not going to write about them here and bore you to death. I want to try writing about things that bother me. Usually when I am bothered by something I go to the refrigerator and food pantry for food and drink. I need to change some of these habits in my life if I am going to keep living. I plan to have these folks help me lose about 100 lb. I realize I still have more weight to lose, and I need to make some changes in my life to be successful. I plan to read this book
to help me in this journey. I am bothered by people who do not understand me and and my medical condition. I will tell you how I feel, and I do not presume that everyone who is my size feels the same way.

a) I am not proud of being fat. Don't ask me to join up with any FAT PRIDE parade group or anything. No Way.

b) You are not helping me by asking me to talk with you about proper food nutrition and food selection and diet. It is not about the food choices that I am making. It is all about the fact that eating food is what I choose to do when I wage battles with my personal demons.

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Anonymous said...

So this is where it all began. Well, brother we all have our demons, but I consider you my Guardian Angel!