Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hope & Change I Wish For Someday

The vid is an interview Glenn Beck had with Mliheil Saakashvili, President of Georgia, and I was very impressed for many reasons, As I watched I thought how would a Frank Luntz conservative focus respond to his message. I imagined the graph line shooting to the top and pegging as they heard the man speak. I supported Fred, but he didn't show passion for freedom and core values when he spoke the way this guy does.

Here is two quotes from this guy:

It is time for the government to be afraid of the people and not the other way around.
The government is going to help you in the best way possible by doing nothing for you, but by getting out of your way. I exaggerate, but you understand. Of course we will provide the infrastructure and help get rid of corruption, but you have all succeeded by your own initiative and enterprise, so you should congratulate yourselves.

Here are examples of what he did when he first took office.
We fired the entire police force of the country. And that was one of the most corrupt police forces throughout the European continent. We fired more than 40,000 people.

We recruited new people within several months. But here`s what the result is. You know, the previous police force had only five percent of population`s trust and confidence, according to the Gallup poll. Now we have more than 70.

So police moved from being universally hated to being universally loved by the people and having support of the people. And there are other radical reforms which we also applied -- cutting red tape, you know, downsizing the government`s functions.

one of the main things is to develop people`s initiatives, to empower people, to give them the sense that they are the ones to build their own country. They shouldn`t be looking at the government, because in our case, the more government intervenes, the worse it is.

You know, we cut red tape. You know, what`s our resource? We don`t have much of oil and gas, what`s our resource in our part of the world?

Our resource is having no red tape, having no corruption, having an efficient government. A small government, because big government, as a rule, means, in our case, corruption and inefficiency. Basically empowering people, giving them initiative, and basically encouraging initiative, because after all, after so many years of communism, after so many years of inaction, after so many years of cynicism and cynical rule, you need basically a new mentality to tell people, well, we are on our own. Our government is there to help when it can, and most of the times we can help ourselves to build our own country.

And after all, when people don`t give credit to some smart leaders, or smart governments, but saying, OK, this is up to us, this is our country, we have to build it, you get an entirely new nation. And that`s exactly what we are seeing in my country, in my part of the world.

You know, you succeed by giving people more freedom. Freedom is the key word. Encouraging initiatives is the other thing, and having a government that knows its place and doesn`t want to overplay its hand, but also can be very efficient when it`s necessary to encourage that freedom is something that really helps and gets the results.

It's unfortunate that there is no choice like this for me when I vote in November. Of course there are big differences between the eventual Democratic nominee and John McCain, and I could never vote for the Democrat when I think about who will be the next CinC. Some of the things I disagree with Pres. Bush about are going to remain a disagreement for me with Pres. McCain. I do have high hope for a certain Governor of the state of Louisiana to one day run for POTUS. Unless something happens that changes him for the worse, I believe Bobby Jindall understands having a government that knows its place and doesn't overplay its hand.

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