Saturday, December 01, 2007

Formerly Communists' Now Islamists' Useful Idiots

My RedState buddy, gamecock, has encouraged me to post a blog about the silence of the American left with respect to human rights abuses in Muslim countries. The most current example is in Sudan. An English school teacher is arrested by the Sudanese government for the crime of naming a teddy bear after the prophet Mohammed. Initially they sentenced her to receive 40 lashes, and then they changed the sentence to 15 day prison sentence. Crickets chirp on the left side of the blogosphere. I did find a blog by Kevin Hayden. He writes that Sudan should pardon her and immediately deport her. He goes on to excuse the backward outrage as the result of poverty and limited education with a statistics cite. The general trend among the American left on the atrocities is to say next to nothing about this for fear of giving any credit to the Bush administration.

The left pounds away at the meme that the conservatives are the Luddites who are intellectually lazy and cause all of the problems in the world in their quest of capitalist adventures in acquiring profits by meddling in other countries. My contention is that the left are the intellectually lazy bigots. The left has disdain for the Muslims who they consider to be poor and ignorant. The left can not even consider the possibility that Islamists terrorists have their own agenda they are pursuing with absolutely no need for any external provocation. For some reason the left can't grasp the idea that there are people in this world who want to kill them simply because they are living and breathing infidels. One powerful weapon the Islamist terrorists use is propaganda. In their hatred of President Bush and Republicans the American left play the role of useful idiots for the terrorists perfectly.

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