Friday, December 21, 2007

Badges! We don't Need No !?&*# Badges!

Pay close attention to the pictures of the badges.

The first set are the heraldic lion depicted on the Nordic Battlegroup's coat of arms of the Swedish military. Do you notice a difference from the original on the left vs the new one on the right? The one on the right came about after a group of Swedish women lodged a complaint to the European Court of justice. A comment from a Swedish on-line newspaper The Local:

But although the army was eventually happy to make the changes in the interests of gender equality, the artist who designed the insignia was less than pleased.

"A heraldic lion is a powerful and stately figure with its genitalia intact and I cannot approve an edited image," Vladimir A Sagerlund from the National Archives told Göteborgs-Posten.

Sagerlund blasted the army for making changes to the coat of arms without his permission.

"The army lacks knowledge about heraldry. Once upon a time coats of arms containing lions without genitalia were given to those who betrayed the Crown," said Sagerlund.

But the castrated lion has already won the day and is now worn on the arms of all soldiers in the battle group's Swedish battalions.

The other badge is worn by soccer players for the Barcelona Club. A report from e-news:
According to the Catalan newspaper La Vanguardia, the Spanish football club Barcelona is altering its famous badge in some Arab countries in order to avoid offending Muslims.

The badge is especially altered in Saudi Arabia or Algeria, where the Barcelona shirts are being sold without the red cross of Saint George, the patron saint of the Catalan region which Barca claims to represent, the La Vanguardia newspaper found in a private investigation.

The badge, which was created in 1906, features a single vertical red line in Saudi Arabia and Algeria, due to the fact that there, the red cross represents the symbol of the brutal mediaeval Christian crusades against Islam.

La Vanguardia, in its Saturday edition, expressed its indignation as well as shock, asking the officials of the club to respond to the situation.

Speaking of soccer

this link is about an Italian soccer team:

A Turkish lawyer has filed a complaint to UEFA, the European football federation, after Italian club Inter Milan wore a football jersey with a symbol said to be offensive to Islam, during a game with the Turkish team Fenerbahçe.

The symbol of the northern Italian city of Milan, a red cross on a white background, was on the Inter Milan shirts during the Champions League game in November which saw Fenerbahçe lose by 3 goals to zero at Milan's San Siro stadium.

Where does this nanny-statist political correctness run amok end? Some may argue that it's a little thing just to calm down these women protesters and Islamist protesters by appeasing them. I strongly disagree with this argument. We have a Western Democratic value of freedom of assembly and freedom of speech. These values must overrule any attempts by any group to stifle them. period.

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