Saturday, June 16, 2007

Who is on a roll having a good year in 2007?

The answer is Iran Supreme Leader Khameini. The year started out real bad with a report by Michael Ledeen that suggested Khameini is dead. Turned out to be false, and meanwhile he has been busy supporting the Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in Gaza, Taliban in Afghanistan, and al Sadr in Iraq. The Hamas have routed the Fatah government in Gaza, aka Hamastan. The Hezbollah have been busy assassinating Lebanese politicians they don’t like. Mookie al Sadr has been given arms support and returned to Iraq after a short stay in Iran. The Taliban in Afghanistan have been receiving arms from Iran to fight NATO forces in Afghanistan. The rest of the time they have been spending on accelerating the process of producing weapons grade uranium, and sending officials to Cuba and Venezuela to work out treaties. The best part of all is that he stays in the shadows, and lets the President of Iran be the flak catcher. He certainly has enjoyed some good news lately. I sure do hope the situation does not continue to be so wonderful for him. The world needs to pull their collective heads out of the sands, and take care of this looming threat on the horizon.

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