Saturday, April 07, 2007

Who is more French?

Who is more French? Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid? General David Petraeus and Admiral William Fallon?

Once upon a time over 200 years ago there were people living in a new world. They had left the old world to get away from religious persecution. They wanted the liberty of practicing their faith in their own manner of choosing. The old world empire they sailed away from decided that these misfits were going to have to pay high taxes and bow down to their authority to rule over them like masters rule over slaves. Folks in this new who grew tired of this tyranny became known as patriots, and folks who enjoyed living underneath the powerful empire became known as loyalists. The patriots got organized and revolted in a war against the empire. Here was a rag-tag untrained group of armed men in war against one of the most powerful military forces in the world. In addition they were fighting some of their own people who were loyalists.

They could not have won this war had it not been for the support of France. France did not pick the side that had the best chance of winning, and France did not have a written timetable for when they would begin exiting their military out of this war. According to a written account by George Woodbridge of the battle of Yorktown:

"The strategy of the campaign was Rochambeau’s; the French fleet was there as a result of his arrangements; the tactics of the battle were his; the American army was present because he had lent money to Washington; in total naval and military participants the French outnumbered the Americans between three and four to one. Yorktown was Rochambeau’s victory.”

Now let us flash forward to the present day. There are people living in the old world, the cradle of civilization. The folks who grew tired of living under the tyranny of a mad man, and in the shadow of an Islamic Republic are patriots. The folks who want to live underneath the powerful Islamic terrorist empire are loyalists. The patriots got organized and created their own sovereign government. Here is a rag-tag untrained group of armed men fighting against an Islamic empire of trained terrorists. In addition they are fighting some of their own people who are loyalists.

We are now at a critical moment. Is the USA going to support Iraq the same way that France supported us in the American Revolution? Is General David Petraeus a modern day Comte de Rochambeau? Is Admiral William Fallon a modern day Comte de Grasse? Nancy Pelosi took a spring break vacation trip to the middle east. She talked with rulers in the area who support the Islamic terrorist empire and reassured them that she and the Congress have a different foreign policy approach than President Bush. She left them feeling much more comfortable than before she arrived. Now, they are relieved to know they can withstand pressure to isolate them. All they need to do is wait out another 18 months until Nancy and her party take control of the White House in 2009.

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