Friday, April 06, 2007

GOP select celebrity & style instead of record

The voters in GOP primaries and caucuses vote for a POTUS candidate because of the celebrity and style instead of the record. For the last 50 years the GOP candidate for POTUS is either a famous General, former vice-president, movie/TV/radio personality, Senate majority leader, or son of a former President. Ok, I left 2 out. Senator Goldwater was an exception from this type of celebrity. However he was a movement conservative with STYLE. Gerald Ford was selected to replace Agnew who resigned, and then assumed the Presidency after Nixon resigned. Ford then had the celebrity of incumbency. This is the reason that a Brownback, Hunter, Tancredo, Romney, Huckabee, or Tommy Thompson is NOT going to be the GOP candidate. The GOP candidate is going to be a movie/TV/radio personality, famous Mayor in 9/11 aftermath, famous Vietnam POW, or former Speaker of the House.

Actually the voters in Democratic primaries and caucuses are more likely vote for POTUS because of record. They also have chosen for celebrity and style. A charismatic son of former ambassador JFK, and 2 former vice-presidents in Mondale and Gore are the ones they selected for celebrity and Style. LBJ also became President by JFK assassination and in '64 by incumbency. The ones that they selected because of record instead of celebrity and style are Senator Stevenson, Senator McGovern, Governor Carter, Governor Dukakis, and Governor Clinton.

In 2008 I think both the GOP and the Democratic candidate for POTUS will be selected on the basis of celebrity and style over record. On some days I worry that Gov Huckabee is not joking when he suggests a Paris Hilton or American Idol POTUS candidate.

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