Sunday, December 17, 2006

Iran The Model ... not

Iran held a midterm election recently. YAWN. The structure of Iran clearly shows that there are no free choices of candidates for the people to vote for. The grand ayatollah, supreme leader, has control of the military and the courts. A Guardian Council selects the candidates who the electorate may choose between. They know this dictatorship is the only way for them to remain in power. Similar efforts are underway in other countries throughout the world to put the mullahs in charge. It is not just a problem for these countries. It is a big problem for Israel and its biggest supporter the USA.

There is a strategy these mullahs have adopted from a menace of the past Adolph Hitler. The strategy is to brainwash through propaganda the citizenry to believe that all of their problems and misfortunes and hardships are because of the JOOOOOOOOOS. Makes it easier to keep control when people are angry and blame somebody else for all their problems.

An Iraqi blogger has a good appraisal of this situation. The money quote from his blog entry “if dictatorship remained in power, political Islam would've kept growing stronger but if I accept it as a transitional element in an inevitable stage and allow it to practice governance then performance will be the judge and the decision of the people through elections will then decide who deserves the next chance.”

One inconvenient truth that all of the antiwar folks ignore is that while Saddam was not into Islamic extremism when he took power in 1978 he most definitely was into it after we defeated him in 1991. After that he had the Iraq’s flag changed to include Islam inscription. I hope we can succeed in Iraq to secure the country from the radical extremists who want to build another theocratic dictatorship like Iran in Iraq.

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