Sunday, December 10, 2006

A Connecticutt Yankee in King Arthur’s Court

A Connecticutt Yankee in King Arthur’s Court

Lately I have been thinking a lot about where US Presidents come from. I refer to both their birthplace and their political philosophy. I used Google and came up with this site. It revealed to me that President George W. Bush is the only US President who was born in Connecticutt.

There are some especially here at RS that prefer to associate President Bush with Texas. There is a wish, a strong desire I also have for this cowboy CINC to lead the way the Texans lead here . Unfortunately, this President does not have the breeding and genes of those Texans. I will accept that living in Texas for so many years maybe some of this spirit could have rubbed off onto President Bush.

Connecticutt reminds me of a wonderful Mark Twain novel . This satire while a work of fiction is very much a reminder of the real problems that humanity faces. The novel reminds me of the similarities between the good intentions. One section of analysis of Mark Twain’s work that especially seems apropos to President Bush is this”

“Training v. Nature: A theme central to all of Twain's satires is the question of the power of training against an inherent human nature. On most levels, Hank Morgan believes that training and influence determine the good or bad outcome of a society; his project of civilization is based on the belief that he can train the English people to think and thus, live differently. But he is at a loss to explain why, despite training, people revert to foolish and destructive practices.. Even after giving them a new world of technological and economic improvement, Hank finds that this is insufficient to keep them from abandoning his system for the Church's favor.”

If you replace Hank Morgan with President George W. Bush, and English with Iraqi I think you have described the current circumstance that we have in Iraq.

I searched some more with Google about historical rankings of US Presidents . The number 1 is Abraham Lincoln, the only President born in Kentucky. Therefore being the only one from any particular state can sometimes work out quite well for us. Nobody knows the future, but if the 2008 election is between Obama and McCain we will have elected either the first President from Hawaii, (Obama), or the first president born in the Panama Canal zone, (McCain). There is still 2 years to go, and hopefully some better choices for the US between now and then.

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