Monday, January 25, 2010

Seven More 2010 US House Freshman

I earlier wrote a diary about new House Republicans replacing House Democrats in 2010.  My list projected a net increase of 51, and this would change the number of House Rs to 228 and House Ds to 207.  Since that time my confidence has grown, and I believe it is now possible for House Rs to number 235 and House Ds to number 200.  There is a growing sense of courage in the country that is stirring people to campaign and fight to win seats that had always seemed unlikely to them before.  Incumbents have got a large amount of money compared to challengers, but that money they have is not deterring people any more.  I use Stu Rothenberg as a reference for my 58 selections, but I am more optimistic than he is about the 58 D seats that are in play.

I included wins in five additional states, Missouri, North Dakota, South Carolina, South Dakota, and West Virginia.  I included an extra seat pickup in Colorado and Illinois.  I realize that some may have another individual to win in a GOP Primary than I picked, and it is not my intent to argue with you about that primary. I want, and I would hope, that you want a GOP candidate to win the General Election.  I also did not include any new Rs replacing incumbent Rs, and I certainly suspect this will occur as well.
Photos of the seven from top left to bottom right include: Scott Tipton CO-3  Vickie Hartzler  MO-4  Dick Green IL-10 Paul Schaffner ND  Mick Mulvaney SC-5 Blake Curd SD and Dan Swisher WV-1



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