Saturday, April 12, 2008

Duly Noted Brussels Journal Nuggets

I stumbled across this article in the online Brussels Journal that lists 17 underrated issues that might deserve attention. Of these 17, items 2, 10, 11, and 17 especially caught my eye. I encourage everyone to read the entire article, and perhaps for some other numbered items may be of more importance.

Item #2:
According to Vremya Novostei (8 April) Russia’s top election official is prepared to send election monitors to America. The candidates there have no equal access to the mass media, which “does not exist” in the US. How will the Republicans thank Moscow for supporting the case they make about their coverage by a biased press?

One thought I had reading this is...WoW! What chutzpah for Russia's top election official to complain about how the candidates here in the US have no equal access to the mass media. But then giving it further thought is there anyone who has more first hand knowledge about candidates not having equal access to the mass media than a top election official in Russia? more popcorn, please.

Item #10:
Some immigrants might assert that their entry into advanced countries is their basic, therefore undeniable, right. At the risk of the accusation of prejudice, some of these must be reminded of another self-evident right. It is that the natives prefer “to live differently.” Therefore, they do not wish to adjust to the life-style that invited or uninvited guests try to force upon them. This is so even if the claim is shrewdly raised that submission is a test of the hosts’ tolerance.

I have read at RS Paul Cella and other write voluminously about this issue, but I certainly appreciate how this item says so much about this issue in so few words.

Item #11:
A small news item told that out of 37 spies in the US 17 were ideologically motivated. In earlier years, the traitors for money were the majority. The numbers suggest that we can find here a symptom. It reflects the erosion of values and of the undermining of the sense of citizenship that is advocated by the relativists that control the pulpit, the schools and much of the media.

Just visit or lately and discover a treasure trove of news stories that show how much the moral relativists are speaking out from the pulpit, classroom, and MSM.

Item # 17:
The radicals that govern Gaza demand that Israel open the common border. If this is not done, their wards are in danger of “suffocating.” We might have a remarkable case wrapped into this demand. It is not unusual that a party commits openly to the destruction of another state. When such an entity demands that, to survive, it be allowed to have access to its chosen enemy, we seem to have entered the realm of the surreal.
PS. It is reported (12 April) that from Gaza Hamas has subjected an Israeli refinery to a rocket attack. It so happens that this is the refinery that delivers Gaza’s fuel. The deliveries are interrupted. Wait for news that Hamas protests the hardship created for innocents by the lack of gas.

I heard about the attack on the Israeli refinery on my car radio yesterday, and my very first thought when I heard it is the last sentence, Chutzpah is Yiddish, but one obviously need not be Jewish for it to be applicable.

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