Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Revising & Extending My View of Sen. John McCain

One month ago I posted a blog with a laundry list of why we can not trust a McCain administration to produce consistently strong economic policies. At that time all of the Rudy and Mitt supporters recommended, and it made it to the top of the list of recommended blogs. Now Rudy and Mitt have joined Fred in dropping out of the race, and they all are now supporting Sen. McCain. In fact many of the top economic advisors for these campaigns are now involved in McCain's campaign.

By the company that he is now keeping, I am encouraged to revise and extend my remarks.


John McCain wants to make the Bush tax cuts permanent. He wants to cut spending. I now applaud him on taxes, and his administration can be trusted on taxes.


John McCain does not want entitlements expanded. I now applaud him on entitlements, and his administration can be trusted on entitlements.


John McCain still wants very tight regulations, and he will sign bills into law that reach his desk to regulate industries on greenhouse gas emissions, that regulate car makers with tougher CAFE standards, setting prices on prescription drugs by HHS, and mandates on health insurance industry. We need to keep enough conservative Senators in the US Senate to filibuster these kinds of onerous regulations so they do not move out of Congress to the White House. These regulatory burdens will cost us billions of dollars annually with especially large increased costs of electricity and gasoline.

The political speech laws affecting political campaigns are already law, and I hope the SCOTUS will rule against them.

The regulations with respect to illegals will need to be blocked in Congress. If the McCain-Kennedy bill is resurrected after a temporary period to declare borders are secure now, then the net cost to taxpayers of retirement benefits for amnesty recipients is likely to be at least $2.6 trillion.


We the people do not get to elect anybody in this election who has executive experience managing a large government bureaucracy or a large private business corporation. I am disappointed, but what doesn't kill me will make me stronger. I realize more than ever that there are better ways to pursue happiness for myself than to lean and rely too much on the Federal government saving me.

I now believe John McCain is the better choice than whoever is selected by the Democratic Party, and I will vote for John McCain in the general election. I will also continue to be critical of all of the politicians who by their own words and actions will cripple US economic growth.

I hope my revised and extended remarks do not irritate anybody too much. I can't develop amnesia, and say that I agree completely with Sen. John McCain in every way shape and form. I can declare now that he has my vote in November.

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