Sunday, February 26, 2006

The world is a global village

The world is a global village

It is interesting to read news articles from around the world, and discover similar patterns of human behavior by different countries, cultures, and societies. For example, in September of 2005 a newspaper in Denmark published cartoons that muslims think are offensive. In October of 2005 a US board approved a business deal that involved US port terminal management by a British company selling their business to a United Arab Emirate company. The interesting similarity is that in both of these cases widespread protests and hysteria did not happen for 4 or 5 months! I think politics are the engine that drives and manufacture all of this protest and hysteria.

I have read news analysis that suggests Osama Bin Laden became incensed when McDonald’s brought their restaurant franchise to Saudi Arabia. There are a lot of news articles where US politicians are incensed about foreigners from arab countries doing business in the USA. And the difference in Bin Laden and Hillary Clinton is……..

I do not agree with my president on everything. I hope that the road he has been leading us down, ie bringing democracy to the arab world, does not lead us off of a cliff. I worry that Mark Steyn is right, and we will have a new world global village that is muslim. Time will tell.

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