Friday, November 11, 2005

To Serve and Protect

It’s Veteran’s Day, and it is autumn in the circle city. This is a time to reflect on veterans and the turning of the leaves. I also can sense a ‘turning’ in the body politic in the USA. Next year is a mid-term election. There are many who are very excited, and I am not one of them. I do not get excited about whether the ‘donkeys’ or the ‘elephants’ win elections just for winnings sake. When I opine I believe in what I am writing, and to me the ideas are more important than anything else. Some people seem to think that winning and getting the power is more important than holding firm ideas and convictions. I disagree with them. I am a ‘small government’ kind of guy, and I expect only for the government to serve and protect me. I do not expect the government to support me from cradle to grave. I do not expect the government to provide me with food, clothes, a car, a house, art, entertainment, energy, medicine, and education. These are things that a parent is expected to provide their children. I am an adult, and I have the liberty and freedom to work and earn money that will provide me with my needs. There are other countries in the world like Cuba where the government is the provider for the people. I do not want to see my country become like Cuba. There is a big hatred for the conservatives right now in the USA. I am afraid that many of the conservative beliefs such as an ‘ownership society’ and ‘entrepreneurial spirit’ are going to be put down. The USA is going to become more like Cuba and Spain, and less like Australia and Japan. I hope I am wrong, and I fear that I am right.

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