Wednesday, September 21, 2005


I have read and appreciated the book by Irving Stone, Men To Match My Mountains. I have never read the book by I. Peter, The Peter Principle, but I understand the feelings some people have that this principle is in effect. In these early days of this 21st century the USA has experienced disasters from terrorists and Mother Nature of epic proportions. What really troubles me about this is that too many people are merely reacting and commenting about who should be at fault and what should be done after a catastrophe has occurred. I wish that there would be more attention paid to electing mayors and Governors and a President who are wealthy with leadership preparedness before any kind of catastrophe occurs. I wish that we could be as knowledgeable when we vote as we are when we buy a vehicle. Before we buy the vehicle the vehicle had to be tested and reports are available on how well the vehicle performed in the tests. Why can’t men and women who are candidates for mayor, Governor, or President be tested? I understand there could be National Security issues with full disclosure of each man and woman’s performance, but why can’t we know if they participated in the tests or not? I don’t think that it is too much to ask people who want to be elected to positions of executive power to spend some time being tested in a simulation of a crisis. If we can elect people into these offices who have a wealth of leadership in communications, command and control many lives could be saved that may otherwise be lost immediately after the catastrphe hits.